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After the Ice


Floodplains and Fans

All the valleys and gills of the Westmorland Dales contain sediments deposited by rivers and becks. These ‘alluvial’ deposits include silt, sand and gravel deposited between the end of the last glaciation and the present day. Alluvial deposits form floodplains, river terraces (which represent former valley floor levels) and fan-shaped deposits where hill streams enter broad valleys. There are alluvial fan deposits along the foot of the Howgills, and river terraces along the upper Lune Valley.

The upper Lune Valley near Potlands between Kelleth and Wath, looking south to the Howgills. The River Lune meanders across its floodplain, rapidly migrating and braided in places. Here it is undercutting glacial till, creating steep banks. © M. Byron
Potts Beck meandering across a small floodplain of alluvial deposits. © E. Pickett